With QnA Tech's help, your organizations can optimize your datacenters to achieve increased efficiency,
greater business agility, lower operational costs and a smaller carbon footprint.

We understand the ability to abstract your applications from your physical environment to a virtual one by conducting a capacity assessment.


IT managers are challenged by the rapid acceleration of information technology. They are caught between addressing today's business challenges and reduce spend in the existing datacenter. Businesses need data centers to be more responsive, deliver operational excellence, and securely adopt efficiently. Challenges in evolving to support business growth, delivering next generation solutions, and maintaining a completive edge over competitors are necessity. Does your company need for a master architecture for all functional areas to continuously maintain a flexible and efficient datacenter and consolidate applications, servers, storage, and switching?



QnA Tech can provide the expertise to shift to a more cost efficient approach by leveraging best practices for data center optimization. We understand all aspects maximizing your investments not only through virtualization and optimizing physical infrastructure but helping your team embrace an ITIL standard for better operational benefits. QnA Tech will help you design, architect, maintain and support data center continuity while scaling quickly and securely to support business growth and deliver operational excellence. We believe that Data Center Optimization Services are part of a lifecycle plan-build-manage architecture-based approach that optimizes performance, security, and governance for applications, servers, and storage over a unified fabric. You gain a holistic view of your data center functional areas to incorporate and leverage new and existing technologies. The result is a consolidated and optimized solution that offers dynamic efficiencies that accelerate savings and makes your data center easier to manage and scale.