VMware has changed the way the IT world by significantly improving the data centers efficiency and performance but now the new mobile error presents new challenges. QnA Tech can help your organization virtualize the rest of the data center so all the infrastructure becomes as cost effective and easy to manage as your virtual servers.

We do this with the software defined data center that can utilize private, public and hybrid clouds.


Virtualization has transformed the data center with more flexibility and agility for provisioning and maintaining servers but there are more areas that now need to be virtualized. The storage and networking infrastructure have not progressed at the same pace and is often the bottleneck for performance. Virtualizing all areas of the infrastructure will make it more reliable by delivering them as a service and more automation by software. The current era of IT has increasingly changing with the addition of smartphones, tablets, new applications with PaaS and SaaS, converting virtualization technologies. The next step is Software Defined Data Center that will converge all these functional areas and give IT the ability to respond to business challenges faster.



QnA Tech understands that companies are leveraging more and more virtualization and are purchasing more powerful hardware to reduce datacenter infrastructure. This opened the door to the Software Defined Data Center that is the ideal architecture for private, public and hybrid clouds. The latest trends are allowing you to abstract, pool, and automate all your data center resources. In a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) components (compute virtualization, network virtualization, software defined storage) be implemented together or in phases to adjust to you growth and needs. In a SDDC solution which is a policy driven automation enables provisioning and management of all the components for flexibility to support hardware and applications. QnA Tech solutions specialist work closely and have great relationship with our Enterprise partners to transform, position and optimize your datacenter to compete in this new era.